Brent Barry's Wife Erin Barry Photo?

Brent Barry's Wife, Erin Barry is now at the center of controversy since she has been linked to Tony Parker.

Eva Longoria filed for divorce after she discovered Tony Parker had been cheating on her with Erin Barry, his teammate's wife.

Brent Barry and his wife Erin are apparently going through a divorce, according to Sports Ilustrated reporter Bryan Armen Graham. He also reported that it was Erin Barry who was having an affair with Parker.

Are there photos of Erin Barry? Can anyone please point me to her pictures?

asked by Felix in Television | 7793 views | 11-18-2010 at 06:07 AM

That's correct. Erin Barry, wife of former San Antonio Spurs player, Brent Barry, is reported to be the woman Longoria's husband had been cheating with.

Brent Barry used to play for the San Antonio Spurs with Tony Parker, but obviously his wife and Parker decided to stay in touch.

There were also allegations Tony also cheated on Eva earlier in the marriage with yet another woman, with whom he kept in touch via Facebook.

Longoria, who had taken her husband's surname, requested that her name be restored to Eva Jacqueline Longoria in the petition. The filing also stated that the couple had a prenuptial agreement.

In the past Eva has spoken of her plans to quit the U.S. once her show Desperate Housewives comes to an end and move to Parker's French homeland but now I don't see that happening.

This is a photo of Brent Barry's wife Erin Barry. In the picture you can see the Barrys and the Parkers together, back when they were still friends.

Brent Barry Wife Erin Barry

answered by Scarlett | 11-18-2010 at 06:07 AM

Tony Parker did send text messages to Erin Barry but didn't have a physical relationship with her.
It was just an emotional thing, maybe they were keeping it secret and decided not to go any further with it, ever. But now that Eva found out, it's going to be hard for Tony to fix this.

answered by Helen | 11-18-2010 at 04:38 PM

Erin Barry was adopted, her mother was a teenager who didn't want a baby and gave her away. Erin was raised in a suburb of San Francisco.
She and Brent Barry met when the two attended Catholic schools across the street from one another.
Their wedding took place in 1998, Brent focused on his basketball career and Erin devoted herself to numerous charitable causes, like abused and neglected children.

answered by Balloon | 11-18-2010 at 04:38 PM

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