Is Twitter Down Right Now?

I can't access Twitter right now. Is the server down at the moment?
I don't even get the fail whale.

Come back Twitter! Please buy more servers, I'm tired of the same problem all the time.

asked by Yami in Internet | 5632 views | 07-07-2009 at 09:59 PM

Twitter is working for me right now.
But I agree that it's down all the time.

I always find myself visiting twitter to write something funny and boom! the fail whale shows up.

answered by Baby | 07-07-2009 at 10:02 PM

It's not down. It works for me too.

answered by Charles | 07-07-2009 at 10:02 PM

Twitter works right now. But you never know, maybe I try it again and it's down.

answered by Gerard | 07-07-2009 at 10:03 PM

Nope, can't log into Twitter either ...
Been down for a couple of hours now ...

answered by Guest | 08-06-2009 at 03:32 PM

I cant go to it at all.
It just says we cant find this page.
Wrong spelling or something maybe twitter is gone

answered by Guest | 10-18-2009 at 05:20 PM

is twitter down right now?
hello guys. happy new year too. i'm trying to access twitter all day long and i just can't enter the site. is it down right now? please answer me. thanks

answered by najiram lee | 01-04-2010 at 09:09 AM

i'm having the same problem right now. can anyone answer me if twitter is down today? i'm trying to get into the site all day but i can't. is twitter down right now?

answered by Guest | 01-04-2010 at 09:13 AM

Twitter is down right now! I need to see what my girlfriend wants! Ugh. Damn you Twitter.

answered by Guest | 03-18-2010 at 03:27 AM

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