Can Facebook Update Twitter?

I have a Facebook account and a Twitter account. I want to update my Twitter status each time I do something on Facebook.
Is there a web service that allows me to do it?
It would be even better if I were able to indicate which Facebook updates I want to send to Twitter, so I can choose some of them and not all.

asked by Oscar in Internet | 3761 views | 07-07-2009 at 08:11 PM

Yes, Facebook can update Twitter.
Search for “Twitter” in Facebook and add the first application that shows up in the search results. This application is actually made by Twitter itself.
Log into your Twitter account via the Twitter application inside Facebook.
Now your Facebook messages will also show up in Twitter!
It's the best way, I use it all the time.

answered by Ross | 07-07-2009 at 08:21 PM

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