NFL Power Rankings Week 6 2009?

What is your current NFL power rankings for week 6 2009 and what do you think about mine?

Top 7:

1) New York Giants
2) Indianapolis Colts
3) New Orleans Saints
4) Minnisota Vikings
5) Denver Broncos
6) Philadelphia Eagles
7) Cincinatti Bengals

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It looks good.
Here are some NFL Power Rankings for Week 6:

1 (1) New York Giants (5-0) The Giants made JaMarcus Russell look like the worst quarterback in the free world.

2 (2) New Orleans Saints (4-0) A bye week shouldn't slow the Saints' momentum too much.

3 (3) Indianapolis Colts (5-0) The Colts effectively ended the Titans season. How long can they stay undefeated?

4 (4) Minnesota Vikings (5-0) If you had to pick the Vikes MVP, would it be Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson, or Jared Allen?

5 (8) Denver Broncos (5-0) For one day at least, the student surpassed the teacher. Josh McDaniels managed to outwit Bill Belichick while having his team wear those ridiculous yellow and brown uniforms.

6 (12) Cincinnati Bengals (4-1) The Bengals look like world beaters. And Mike Zimmer may prove to be an inspiration for the rest of the season.

7 (7) New York Jets (3-2) The Jets fought hard, but lost to the Dolphins. At least Braylon Edwards looks like he many not be a bust.

8 (6) Baltimore Ravens (3-2) Sure, Ray Lewis nearly killed Chad Ochocinco, but the Ravens are looking vulnerable.

9 (15) Philadelphia Eagles (3-1) Donovan McNabb looked like he hasn't missed a beat.

10 (5) New England Patriots (3-2) A bad week for Boston sports fans. The Pats looked old in comparison to a young, flying Broncos team.

11 (9) Chicago Bears (3-1) Sure, they're 3-1, but do you get the sense that there's something fragile about this team?

12 (13) Atlanta Falcons (3-1) Everybody is in love with Matt Ryan, including this guy.

13 (11) Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) Sure they won, but the Steelers have been outscored 55-13 in the fourth quarter this season.

14 (10) San Francisco 49ers (3-2) A scary loss for the Niners. Dre Bly's fumble symbolized just how everything went wrong for the Niners this week.

15 (17) Dallas Cowboys (3-2) Miles Austin helped the Cowboys narrowly avoid a humiliating loss to the Chiefs.

16 (14) San Diego Chargers (2-2) How long before LT gets back to form? Will he ever get back to form?

17 (21) Miami Dolphins (2-3) Viva la Wildcat!

18 (19) Arizona Cardinals (2-2) They've scored 85 points and allowed 89 points. They've beaten two teams with losing records and lost to two teams with winning records. Sounds like a middling team to me.

19 (16) Green Bay Packers (2-2) Do you get the feeling the Pack are glad to have the Vikings game out of the way, even if it was a loss?

20 (18) Houston Texans (2-3) Failing to tie the game from the one-yard line is just another example of the Texans inability to score in the red zone.

21 (24) Carolina Panthers (1-3) The Panthers just won their first game in 287 days.

22 (20) Jacksonville Jaguars (2-3) Why did I pick David Garrard on my fantasy team? What was I thinking?

23 (22) Seattle Seahawks (2-3) The Seahawks are as messed up as Owen Schmitt's forehead.

24 (27) Detroit Lions (1-4) Considering how many terrible teams there are in the NFL this year, the Lions aren't looking that bad.

25 (25) Washington Redskins (2-3) The Jim Zorn Deathwatch has begun.

26 (23) Buffalo Bills (1-4) Lost to the Browns in a turtle derby.

27 (26) Tennessee Titans (0-5) The Titans are done for the season. How long before the return of Vince Young to the starting lineup?

28 (31) Kansas City Chiefs (0-5) You get the feeling that they're going to sneak out a win or two in the near future.

29 (28) Cleveland Browns (1-4) Won despite nine dropped passes by receivers. And that's without Braylon Edwards around. Derek Anderson finished with a stat line of 2 for 17 for 23 yards, about as bad a line as a winning quarterback could possibly have.

30 (29) Oakland Raiders (1-4) Somewhere, Jeff Garcia is laughing. Hell, even Jeff George may be having a chuckle.

31 (30) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-5) The Bucs haven't had this bad a start in 13 years. How long before they go back to the Bucco Bruce logo?

32 (32) St. Louis Rams (0-5) Why exactly are Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton getting into a pissing match over the sale of this terrible team? Oh, that's right. It's because they're both massive attention whores.

These are from NowPublic, what do you think?

answered by Sam | 10-13-2009 at 05:54 PM

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