Rick Sanchez: Jon Stewart & Jews Comments?

Rick Sanchez gave a radio interview on the day that he lost his coveted 8 p.m. time slot. That was probably a mistake.
The Web is burning up with this comment that CNN's Rick Sanchez made on a radio show, which seems like he's saying CNN and the networks are run by Jews.
Rick Sanchez called Jon Stewart a "bigot" Thursday on Pete Dominick's Sirius radio show.
What did Rick Sanchez say that cause such a controversy? What were his comments exactly?

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One day after calling “Daily Show” host Jon Stewart a “bigot” and implying that “everybody who runs CNN,” his employer, was Jewish, newscaster Rick Sanchez has parted ways with CNN. The network released a statement noting that Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company.

Rick Sanchez, during the course of a 20 minute interview on comedian (and regular CNN contributor) Pete Dominick's SiriusXM radio show, spoke about the discrimination he has felt as a Cuban-American over the course of his career, and decried what he called "elite, Northeast establishment liberals" like Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Angry about being replaced by CNN's new "Parker Spitzer" talk show and the constant jokes made at his expense on the "Daily Show," he lashed out on Thursday at his perceived enemies — CNN brass, Jon Stewart and Jews.
Sanchez's controversial comments began when he suggested that he had been marginalized by CNN brass because they're "elite Northeastern establishment liberals" who won't let him anchor because they reserve the top jobs for "the high-profile white guys."

If Sanchez meant that everybody who runs the networks is a lot like Stewart in that they're Jewish, that's obviously very, very bad, and portends serious trouble for him.

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