What Is Going To Happen In 2012 To The Earth?

What is going to happen in the year 2012 to the earth?
There has been much talk of late about the supposed doomsday prediction of December 21, 2012 as reflected in the Mayan long calendar. Is it the end of the earth the year 2012?
Will the world end on 21st December 2012 because of the end of the Mayan calendar or because the winter solstice is "aligned" with the Milky Way?
Is the earth going to blow up in 2012?

asked by Clown in Paranormal Phenomena | 5332 views | 04-26-2010 at 09:33 PM

Some say 2012 will be the year the earth will disappear.
Mayan Prophesies as well as Edward Cayse say that in the year 2012 a stargate to access other worlds will be discovered on earth.

It has been determined by research scholars that the Mayan long count calendar ends on which equates to our date of December 21, 2012 at 10AM GMT. On that day it has been surmised the end will come.

According to research, many have tried to tie this upcoming apocalyptic winter solstice day with a solar shift, solar storms, and a transit of Venus as well as with severe earthquakes.

The Mayans weren't the only ones to have a 2012 prophecy. American Indians, Chinese, mystics in Europe. One even predicted that the stars will stray from their places. Kinda sounds like the earth shifting on its axis.

I guess the real answer is that we won't know until that date. There are publications all over about 2012 being the time when it all ends. I will say this, if there is some sort of cosmic interaction occurring, you better believe that NASA knows about it.
Nobody knows. We'll just have to wait & see.

answered by Alice | 04-26-2010 at 09:39 PM

It will never happen.

answered by Guest | 07-29-2010 at 12:26 AM

All ancient texts refer to this as transformation. A time of bliss and love. Even the bible states that 1,000 years of bliss is to follow Armagedon.

Indeed! If Planet x is real,...one day the whole world will see it and know it. They will realize that their cities, families may all soon perish. That as in the bible and as predicted elsewhere several times over. Fire from the sky, seas will boil and kill 2/3 fish.

At this moment, Wars will no longer be worth fighting,...food and water will become more valuable than money itself. Greed, corruption will no longer have rewards. Evil will just go away.

And we will seek out love and companion ship,..renew old friendships, express our sorrows and our gratitudes to others.

Indeed,...petty things will be reduced to their true pettiness. While family, friends, love, teamwork will be the only things left to value.

How neat will that be?

answered by Guest | 10-26-2010 at 09:13 PM

It won't be the end of the world. God said when the end of the world comes "no one will expect it". See? And plus all the signs of the end aren't here yet. Jesus can't possibly be coming so soon! Especially anytime during 2012 where a bunch of people will "expect" the end of the world.

answered by Guest | 07-20-2011 at 08:04 AM

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