Obama First Pitch Nationals 2010 Video?

President Obama is set to throw out the ceremonial first pitch to kick off the Washington Nationals' season opener (against the National League Champion Philadelphia Phillies) this afternoon. And this being Washington, where people issue statements about everything and often don't wait for events to happen before reacting to them, you can be sure that different folks have statements ready about the august event.

What I would like to watch is the youtube video of President Obama's first pitch at the 2010 Nationals.

I trust the president. Obama can do it.
I hope Obama does a better job than President George W. Bush did once.
Where can I watch the video of Barack Obama's first pitch?

Any youtube links?

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President Barack Obama came on the field to what sounded like (from the TV feed) a mix of cheers and boos. He was wearing a Nationals jacket and -- with a grin -- donned a Chicago White Sox cap (his favorite team) when he got to the mound. That produced some very loud boos.

So as you might have heard, Barack Obama's first pitch was way left. Before the game, he visited with the Nats, spending extra time with Nyjer Morgan and Willie Harris, according to MASN's Debbi Taylor.
I have embedded the video of Obama's first pitch below.

After jogging out to the mound before the Nats-Phillies game with his head uncovered, Obama toed the rubber, pulled his familiar Sox cap from his jacket and tugged it tight over his head. The crowd sounded momentarily conflicted over the president's pledge of allegiance, but still cheered once Obama went into his windup.

Picture of Obama's first pitch at the Nationals 2010.

Obama first pitch baseball

Maybe if Obama hadn’t mismatched his “outfit” this year, he may have had better luck. Nice touch on wearing the Nationals team jacket but the White Sox baseball cap had to be the jinks.

Baseball is not Obama's preferred sport, and hitting an imaginary target from 60ft (18m) away is not easy — even without a bulletproof vest under your jacket. In the event, the First Pitcher unleashed a wayward throw that forced the Washington Nationals’ catcher to move several yards to his right — but he did at least continue a century-old tradition begun by President Taft in 1910.

"I was a little disappointed with the pitch. It was high and outside," Obama said during a stint in the booth during the Nationals' television broadcast, joking that he was going for an intentional walk. "Fortunately, Zimmerman has a tall reach."

It wasn't the first time Mr. Obama was the honored guest at a baseball game. In 2009 the southpaw threw out the first pitch at the All-Star game in St. Louis. That wasn't a perfect throw either, but the President wasn't judged so much for his pitching skills as his fashion sense.

There were no dad jeans in sight during the 2010 Obama first pitch. Obama was wearing khakis and a red and blue Washington Nationals jacket. He also put on a Chicago White Sox hat as he got on the mound (Obama prides himself on being a hardcore White Sox fan).

The left-handed president continued a baseball tradition that dates back to 1910, when President Howard Taft, who was right-handed, threw the first pitch for a game between the Washington Senators against the Philadelphia A’s.

Also, fun fact: This is the 100th anniversary of when President Taft threw out the first pitch in DC, for the Washington Senators. They also played the Philly, the Athletics at the time. The Senators won, 3-0.

Video of President Barack Obama's first pitch.

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