HP Battery Recall 2010?

HP has expanded a battery recall program from 70,000 to an additional 54,000 batteries in an effort to avoid risks to the users. Normally a laptop generates heat, and it seems in the case of HP, the heat may be enough to spark a fire with the battery.

A report on cnet states that the batteries which are made in China, may overheat and pose a burn or fire risk to consumers. The recall originally began in May 2009 after two cases of batteries that “overheated and ruptured, resulting in flames/fire that caused minor property damage”.

I have two HP notebooks and I'm not sure if the batteries are part of the recall.
Is there a list of the recalled products with the batteries' serial numbers and models?

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The 2010 HP battery recall affects models manufactured between August 2007 and March 2008 and sold at computer and electronics stores nationwide, as well as online at hp.com and hpshopping.com. To reduce the likelihood of problems, HP suggests consumers stop using their battery pack immediately until they've determined whether it's among those affected by the recall.

Some of the battery models include dv2000, dv6000, dv5.
This list of battery models includes all notebook serial numbers associated with batteries recalled to date.

HP Battery Recall 2010

HP recommends that customers who own these laptops remove the battery immediately and contact HP for a replacement pack. HP is replacing the batteries for free.

HP has established a Website for customers to contact: www.hp.com/support/BatteryReplacement. Customers can also call 1-888-202-4320. Additional information and a full list of the notebook and battery serial numbers can be found on the CPSC Website.

If you are experiencing overheating or other issues with an HP or Compaq battery (or any other manufacturer for that matter) that is not listed on this recall, you should contact the CPSC to file an incident report. The CPSC is the primary safety watchdog for technology in the United States--tasked with protecting the public from unreasonable risk or serious injury or death from consumer products.

HP and CPSC were aware of two incidents where the batteries overheated, resulting in flames and fire that caused property damage, the agency said. No injuries were reported.

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