Time Change Fall 2009 UK?

When is the time change in fall 2009, it is in the month of october right? But what day exactly?
If you browse the web for this info the only thing you'll read is answers about the time change in the us but nothing about the UK. Can anyone explain how the time change works and when I'm supossed to change it every year?

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UK is now on British Summer Time (BST).
Changing the clocks' time:
In the UK, we all change our clocks and watches by one hour, twice a year.

In the Spring, we add an hour, and go onto what is called British Summer Time.
In the Autumn (Fall), we do the reverse, and adhere to Greenwich Mean Time.

When do the clocks change in the UK?

Clocks move forward one hour on
Sunday 29 March 2009 01:00 GMT* (02:00 BST)
* As the UK will be on GMT, we changed our clocks at 1 am on Sunday 29 March.

Clocks move backwards one hour.
Sunday 25 October 02:00 BST** (01:00 GMT )

What time do the clocks change?
The clocks are always changed at 01:00 GMT (02:00 BST).
In the Autumn (October), as we are on BST (British Summer Time) before the clocks change, we change the clocks at 02:00.
In the Spring (March) we are already on GMT so change the clocks at 01:00

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