Dunnellen Hall Curse?

Many times when one thinks of a “cursed” and “Connecticut” the mind immediately goes to lonely, abandoned places but I hear there's a nice house there that has a curse.
The place is Dunnellen Hall.
It is a 28-room Jacobean mansion on 26 acres with a sweeping view of Long Island Sound, has seen many lavish parties in its 70 years. It was the setting for a 1968 movie, ''A Lovely Way to Die,'' starring Kirk Douglas.
What is the curse of Dunnellen Hall? What do people say there's a curse there?

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The Helmsleys purchased Dunnellen Hall in 1983 for $11 million as a summer home. It was the subsequent renovation work at Dunnellen Hall — and the ensuing charges of tax evasion and eventual criminal trials — which began the Helmsley’s decline which included Harry’s death and Leona’s 18-month stretch in the slammer. After serving her sentence, Leona moved in year-round, living there until her death in August 2007.

Dunnellen Hall has a curse and is currently for sale, recently marked down from an asking price of $125 million. If you have the cash and you’re not afraid of curses or potential financial ruin, it can be yours for a cool $95 million.

Otherwise, Dunnellen Hall and its alleged curse will wait for its next victims.
The mansion is hidden from the road by hedges and a stone wall, and it is topped by a wire-mesh fence.

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