What Does The Word Sycophant Mean?

I'm not sure if it's spelled sicophantic, or sycophantic but I've been hearing it and reading it a lot lately and it still makes no sense to me. Can you help me out, me and my mother are a little stuck on this word. What does sycophantic mean?

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A "sycophant" is a servile person who, acting in their own self interest, attempts to win favor by flattering one or more influential people, with an undertone that this is at the cost of their own personal pride, principles, and peer respect.

Here's a sentence with "sycophantic":

"The sycophantic behavior of her associates is responsible for Britney Spears's recent self-destructive behavior."

answered by Conve | 09-25-2009 at 11:44 PM


adjective from the noun sycophant.
SYCOPHANT (pronounced sih-kuh-funt or sy-kuh-funt) =
a servile self-seeker who tries to win favor by flattering people of wealth or influence; a fawning or obsequious person; parasite.

Main Example

In Britain, where nearly 70% of the public opposes a war with Iraq, many have criticized Tony Blair as being in "sycophantic compliance" with America and have even called him a Bush lap dog. But in recent speeches, Blair has shot back, saying that getting rid of Saddam Hussein is so much in the British national interest that, had the U.S. been laid back on this issue, he would actually be "egging them on."

answered by Faux | 09-25-2009 at 11:44 PM

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