PICS: UFO Over Chinese Airport Photos?

Have you heard about the UFO over the Chinese airport, yesterday July 14, 2010?
A Chinese airport was forced to shut down after a bizarre UFO shape was seen streaking across the sky. The good thing is, lots of people took pictures of the UFO.
I'm tired that everytime a sighting like this happens everybody says the photos are tricked, but this time there were hundreds of people with cameras and it was for real.
Stunned locals in Zhejiang's provincial capital Hangzhou captured photos and video of the UFO, which was described as a "comet-like fireball".
Where can I see high resolution photos of the UFO over the Chinese airport?

asked by Vivian in Paranormal Phenomena | 3027 views | 07-15-2010 at 04:04 PM

Some Chinese experts claimed that the UFO was actually debris from a US intercontinental ballistic missile and others said it was an helicopter.
But the photos are clear, this thing was clearly something else.

These are some of the best pictures taken of the UFO over the Chinese Airport.

UFO Over Chinese Airport

UFO Chinese Airport

Out of flight safety considerations, the airport suspended service from 8:41pm onwards and began an extensive aerial search. About an hour later, after not finding anything, they resumed service. The 56 minutes total of "no fly" time delayed 18 flights in total - about 2,000 passengers were stranded for a couple hours as Xiaoshan sorted through the jam.

I wonder what the UFO was doing there.

answered by Diana | 07-15-2010 at 04:05 PM

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