Dan Wheldon Indy Car Wreck: Accident Video?

Dan Wheldon was involved in a car wreck accident yesterday and he died. I was told by my dad that the video of the wreck is available on the web, where can I see it?
I wonder what went wrong on the track and what the car wreck accident means for the future of Indy Racing.
Dan Wheldon's death will change some of the rules of the next Indy races.
With the race cancelled, drivers, many sobbing openly, took part in a five-lap salute around the oval in honor of one of the sport's biggest stars.
Has anyone here seen the video of the wreck? Do you think this accident could have been prevented and maybe Dan Wheldon would be alive today?

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With the speed, and a crowded 34-car field, a big worry was aggressive driving early in the 200-lap race.
Three other drivers, including championship contender Will Power were injured in the car wreck accident.
Dan Wheldon is the first IndyCar driver to die after an on-track crash since rookie Paul Dana was killed in 2006.
The car appeared to flip upside down before slamming the outside wall and the fencing above it before being struck by disabled trailing cars. The video of the crash is impressive.
Dan Wheldon himself had warned that, besides having problems with his car, he was prepared for anything to happen in the race.
Before his death, Mr Wheldon was involved in testing a new design to address some of the concerns in 2012 and prevent a possible accident.

The video of the crash that took place yesterday in Las Vegas.

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