UC Davis Police Pepper Spray Video?

So I saw a photo of a police man at UC Davis university spraying pepper spray into the student's eyes. I really want to see the video.
As far as I know, the UC Davis students were part of a peaceful protest, they were just sitting on the ground.
A cop with a pepper spray can approached them and started to spray the pepper into their faces, I watched a bit of the video on TV and just couldn't believe it.
What is going to happen to the UC Davis police man who used the pepper spray in such a violent way? Is he going to be fired or suspended? That man was abusing those kids. Please post the youtube video.

asked by Hector in Law & Ethics | 1867 views | 11-21-2011 at 06:20 PM

Campus police, who wore riot gear during the standoff, were ordered to dismantle the UC-Davis Occupy encampment because camping on college grounds is officially forbidden.

The UC Davis campus is committed to providing a safe environment for all to learn freely and practice their civil rights of freedom of speech and expression.

The youtube video I posted below shows a police man using the pepper spray on a group of UC Davis protesters who appear to be sitting passively on the ground with their arms interlocked.
I just hope those cops get the punishment they deserve for what they did, they abused their power.
Here's the youtube video of the moment the police man uses to pepper spray to cause damage to the UC Davis students' eyes.

answered by Spencer | 11-21-2011 at 06:20 PM

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