Patti Labelle Baby Scandal?

Patti Labelle is being accused of throwing water from a bottle and screaming obscenities at a couple's 18-month-old baby. Her name is Genevieve.
I don't really know why Patti Labelle would try to attack a little baby, the scandal is very confusing to me.
Does anyone know what really happen and why is Patti Labelle being sued for fighting with a baby?
Are the allegations of this scandal true or is it all made up to taint Patti Labelle's image?

asked by Sky in Law & Ethics | 2206 views | 11-16-2011 at 05:28 AM

Well, the parents of the baby are very serious about this and they don't consider it just a scandal. They claim Patti Labelle acted really strange.
According to the familyís suit, Patti LaBelle chastised the mother for letting her toddler girl wander while she wrestled with a car seat and luggage.
When the child started wailing, the mother of the baby made a remark to Patti LaBelle, and the she charged at her and tried to hit her.
This whole scandal is supposed to have occurred in the lobby of the New York building where the couple lives and Patti LaBelle was staying while performing in Fela.

answered by Claude | 11-16-2011 at 05:30 AM

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