Kaka Red Card Youtube Video?

I would like to watch the video of the moment Kaka hits the Ivory Coast player and gets a red card but I browsed youtube and couldn't find any video of Kaka's red card.

If Kaka was already on a yellow card, wasn't it dumb for him to hit that Ivory Coast guy in the chest?
Now with a red card he can't play the next game and it is going to be a difficult one.
I wonder why don't they use all the cameras they have to reply things instead of just relying on the referee, don't you think that anyone who fakes should get a red card?
How long does Kaka's red card last?

asked by Biker in Soccer | 5607 views | 06-20-2010 at 10:20 PM

That was one of the worst decisions made by a referee I have ever seen in football.

Kaka won't be able to play for one game because of the red car. Kaka will miss the match with Portugal.

"For the 2010 FIFA World Cup... any player who received two yellow cards between the beginning of the tournament and after the quarterfinal round (instead of the end of the group stage matches) would serve a one-match suspension for the next game."

Kaka didn't hit the guy on the face intentionally at all and it was not as bad as it looked, the Ivory Coast guy Overreacted. All Kaka did was tense his arm, he didn't even hit him.

This is the youtube video of Kaka's Red Card moment.

The Ivory Coast guy ran into Kaka, and Kaka was just trying not to look like a puss. The African knew where he was going, and it was made even more clear when he grabbed his face and pulled the best actor award.

answered by Roby | 06-20-2010 at 10:24 PM

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