Paul Samuelson Death?

Paul Samuelson a Nobel Prize winner, economist and the author of the best-selling economics textbook in history, died today at his home in Belmont, Massachusetts.
Samuelson’s death was announced by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he spent most of his professional life and was a professor emeritus.
How old was Paul Samuelson?

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His death was cause by a brief illness. He was 94 years old.
Paul Samuelson was renowned for his work in applying rigorous mathematical analysis to the balance between prices and supply and demand.
Paul Samuelson was the first American to be awarded a Nobel prize in economics -- in 1970, the second year of the award.
A big ceremony will take place to glorify his death.

Samuelson began teaching at MIT in 1940 and became a full professor six years later. Three of his graduate students, Lawrence Klein, George Akerloff, and Joseph Stiglitz, went on to win Nobel Prizes.

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