Ladette Culture UK?

What is the "ladette" culture? I know it is a term that originated in the UK but I don't know what it means.
There is also a famous television show called "Ladette To Lady" so I think is related to women in a way. But why a culture?
Please let me know.

asked by Casine in History | 4071 views | 10-22-2009 at 06:52 PM

Ladette Culture is a UK concept where by women rejected the ideaology of acting like ladies in public and take to acting like drunken idiotic men instead i.e. "the lads", causing rowdy havoc etc.

It has coincided with the awful binge drinking culture that Britain has and gets us frowned upon whenever we go abroad.

The ladette culture demonstrates the rise of young women to act like the lads of the late 80's. These lads thought nothing ouf going out for the sole purpose of getting drunk and displaying no respect whatsoever to the people around them. We all want equality for women, and so many young women followe the lads, and develope their own version of it.
The result, more broken ankles, women causing fights and getting arrested and vomit everywhere. Not a pleasant site.

answered by Sima | 10-22-2009 at 06:54 PM

Popular British term to decribe a girl who, in answer to the male "lad culture" of the 1990's, bizarrely adopted the exact same behaviour as the men.
They claimed to be reacting against - mainly drinking pints of lager, swearing and vomiting publicly, and watching football, all conducted with exaggerated zeal. Interestingly, the behaviour of the ladette played into the hands of the lads, as not only did the ladette's alcohol consumption make them easier pick up targets, the lads wouldn't have to switch off the football while they later had sex with them.

answered by Urma | 10-22-2009 at 06:55 PM

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