How did Hitler die?

In school we learned Adolf Hitler was a dictator and made a lot of bad things to innocent people. I was told he later died but I have no idea how. Was he assassinated or did he commit suicide?

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Adolf Hitler shot himself in the head with a pistol on April 30, 1945, shortly before the invading Soviet Army captured his bunker in Berlin.
He also poisoned himself and his wife with cyanide.

However, the book "The body in the Bunker" expounds the theory that Hitler didn't die in his bunk in Berlin. The body that the Russians found had been burned. A corpse shrinks when it is burned but this body was 5cm (2 inches) taller than Hitler was.

So is he really dead?

answered by Jon | 08-01-2009 at 07:38 PM

Hitler got himself cyanide capsules through the Schutztaffel, only to learn that his supplier had soon escaped to the US. He considered this treason and felt that the cyanide capsules could actually be fake ones. To verify their potency, he ordered Dr. Hasse to try them on his favorite pet, his dog Blondi. The innocent animal whom Hitler had loved so much was no more.

There was a loud gunshot at 15:30, when the Goebells’ youngest son declared “A direct hit!”, thinking that it was a Soviet bomb falling somewhere nearby. But most knew what had happened and Hitler’s valet, Heinze Linge, rushed to the study, accompanied by many others. There they found Adolf’s and Eva’s bodies lying against the two hands of the sofa, Eva to the left and Adolf to her right, each slumped away from the other.

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