Illinois: Tanya Shannon Missing Photo?

A massive manhunt is underway for Tanya Shannon, a 40-year-old woman, who has been missing since early Sunday morning when authorities from the LaSalle County Sheriff's office located her crashed car on the side of a rural road in Illinois.

I live near the accident location. Is there a photo of Tanya Shannon I can see so I can identify her in the case I happen to see her?

Authorities say Tanya's husband Dale Shannon was dead behind the wheel and footprints in the snow led away from the car in the rural area about 70 miles southwest of Chicago.

It's like she was kidnapped after the car crash. What are the latest news on Tanya Shannon? Has she been found?

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Tonya Shannon, 40, a mother of four, was last seen in a red dress and gray fleece hooded jacket riding home from a holiday party on Sunday with her husband Dale Shannon, 41, behind the wheel, authorities said.

Ground operations began at 9 a.m. with air operations starting at noon. Shannon was last seen along with her husband Dale Shannon, 41, at a Christmas party Saturday night in Streator, about 17 miles west of Ransom, relatives told CNN affiliate WGN and the Chicago Tribune.

A photo of Tanya Shannon.

Tanya Shannon Missing

Police believe Mrs Shannon survived the crash because they found a set footprints leading from the car to the road.

They also found a shoe believed to be hers.

Authorities hope Shannon is alive, while also acknowledging the harsh winter elements. LaSalle County was blanketed with nearly 7 inches over the weekend, and temperatures dipped into the teens by Monday afternoon.

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