Topeka Google April Fool 2010: What Does Topeka Mean?

I was going on Google to look at information for school and when i went on Google it said Topeka, at first i thought i typed in a wrong thing until i saw it on the news.

Google has changed its name to Topeka today April 1 2010? The name change in Google's logo is weird, why does it say Topeka, I'm sure it must be for April Fool 2010 but what does Topeka mean?

Is Google renamed to Topeka? OR is it just April fool.

how is that related to the city Topeka in Kansas
Is Google doing a bit of April fooling? I got really confused at first.

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April Fools' Day 2010 is the one day of the year it seems corporate companies can really show their true colors.

What Does Topeka Mean?
Topeka is the name of a city in Kansas.

Google name's change to Topeka is purportedly a return gesture to Topeka, Kansas, whose mayor unofficially renamed the city "Google, Kansas," for the month of March in an effort to land a spot on Google's "Fiber for Communities" program. The initiative, launched this year by Google, promises to install new broadband cables in random communities around the United States.

So Google did the same thing and changes its name to Topeka.

When you go to The multi-color banner now says "Topeka." Click on the word, and you go to a Google blog page explaining the change. The blog posting even includes a guide on how to use the word Topeka. (Example: "Before our blind date, I Topeka'ed him.") You can also read a brief history of Kansas' capital.

I love April Fool day.

Google Paper, Google TiSP, and Google Romance were all winners. One Google joke even erupted into a minor Wikipedia war over time travel.

In more Google fun, if maps and gmail and docs and all those other Google functions arenít enough for you, perhaps you would like Google to help you communicate with those who donít speak your language. Google translate for animals!

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