New York Gay Marriage Vote?

After a heated and often emotional debate about gay marriage in the New York state Senate, lawmakers rejected a bill that would have made that state the sixth to legalize gay marriage.
While New York Gov. David Paterson backed the bill and the state Assembly already passed it Democratic supporters needed some Republican aid to pass the marriage law. No GOP lawmakers voted for the bill, which failed in a 38 to 24 vote.
What do you think about this?

asked by John in Politics | 2489 views | 12-03-2009 at 02:59 AM

The Gay Marriage vote was a joke.
Disappointing, but there are always a number of battles lost before we seem to find a victory.
The hatred and bigotry of the right will lose out one day soon.

What about single parents? If there is no legal recognition outside of marriage/civil unions, then does that mean single parents have no legal recognition over their kids? That doesn't make any sense.

answered by Mona | 12-03-2009 at 03:01 AM

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