400 Calorie Diet?

I need to lose weight and i don't know how to do it with my bad eating habits.
Since I eat a lot of fast and junk food it, a friend recommended I do the 400 Calorie Diet, a diet that lets you eat just about everything but just a little of each meal.
Can anyone explain this better? How much am I supposed to eat?
What do people on a 400 Calorie a day diet eat?

asked by Corpus in Diet & Fitness | 4267 views | 11-18-2009 at 07:22 PM

The 400-Calorie Lunches gives you two dozen ways to get your midday energy boost.
If you're used to eat fast food just follow this plan and you'll loose some weight.

McDonald's: Chicken McGrill (400 calories) or four Chicken McNuggets plus a small fries (420 calories total).

Burger King: Four Chicken Tenders and a small fries (400 calories total). Or, for 50 calories less, swap the fries for a small order of onion rings.

Wendy's: Large Chili with Cheddar cheese and saltines (395 calories) or Grilled Chicken Sandwich (300 calories) and side salad with low-cal dressing (125 calories).

SubwaySubway: Any "7 Under 6" sandwich (230 to 320 calories), Subway's Select Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich (380 calories) or Subway's Select Red Wine Vinaigrette Club Sandwich (350 calories). But watch out: The moment you add mayo, oil, or cheese, the calorie count starts climbing.

Dairy Queen: Grilled chicken sandwich (310 calories) or DQ Homestyle cheeseburger (340 calories). Stay away from the fries: At 350 calories for a small order, they're over 100 calories more than McDonald's and Burger King fries.

Taco BellTaco Bell: Two soft tacos with chicken (190 calories per taco), two soft tacos with beef (210 calories per taco) or taco salad with salsa, without the shell (420 calories). Be very wary of the burritos: The plain bean burrito is a healthy 370 calories, but the Grilled Stuft Beef Burrito takes a giant leap up to 730 calories! Generally, the simpler the dish, the fewer the calories.

KFCKFC: Tender Roast Sandwich without sauce (260 calories), Tender Roast Sandwich with sauce (390 calories) or individual Popcorn Chicken (450 calories). Steer clear of the "classic" KFC meals: One Original Recipe fried drumstick is 140 calories, and one wing is 150. And you've got to ask yourself: When's the last time anyone ate just one wing?

Pizza Hut: Two slices of Thin 'n Crispy Cheese Pizza (200 calories per slice). The golden rule of pizza eating: Thinner crust and fewer toppings equal fewer calories (except vegetable toppings, which are virtually calorie free).

By eating just the right amount of food, in time you'll lose weight.

answered by Andy | 11-18-2009 at 07:25 PM

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