How Did My Congressman Vote on Health Care Bill?

It surprises me that so many Americans seem not to be aware about Obama’s healthcare plans. During the election, he campaigned for these changes stating that he felt it was unfair to have a system where insurance companies try to escape paying claims and was elected to bring in changes.
First of all, too many people do not know that Obama wants to make insurance more available to all.

Where can I look on the Internet to see how my Congressman voted on the Health Care bill?

asked by Port in Politics | 6554 views | 11-08-2009 at 04:30 PM

This is how you can find out how your congressman voted on health care bill.

Project Vote Smart: Congress Track will help you find out how your Congressional representatives voted on important topics. On the Current Members of Congress page, enter the nine-digit ZIP code for your home address (you can find it on the U.S. Postal Service site) and click "Go."

The results page lists the people who represent your state and district in Congress. Click on a representative's name, and you can access his or her voting record on the following biography page (the link is in the upper-right corner). Major votes for your Congressperson are categorized alphabetically by topic. Underneath the topic headings, you'll find the years in which this Congressperson voted, and you can click on the different years to read summaries of the legislation, final vote, and your Congressperson's vote in bold text.

answered by Law | 11-08-2009 at 04:32 PM

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