Sam Kass Biography?

The Obamas have hired Sam Kass, a 28-year-old chef from Chicago, to join the kitchen staff at the White House. Chef Sam Kass will work under Executive Chef Cristeta Comerford, and he's no stranger to The Obamas: He's previously cooked for them in their Chicago home.
The guy seems pretty laid back, what's Sam Kass biography? Is he a good chef for the White House?

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The Obamas have chosen Chicago chef Sam Kass to act as the family's personal chef at the White House.
Chef Kass is very involved with food related issues such as childhood obesity, sustainability, and shopping local.


Mr. Kass is a Chicago native who went to University of Chicago (where, by the way, both the President and First Lady taught). According to his online bio, Mr. Kass received his culinary training at an unnamed Michelin-starred restaurant, but things really gelled for him when he started roaming the world, and developed both his cookery skills and an "appreciation for the power food holds to rebuild communities." Mr. Kass has cooked at Chicago restaurant Avec, and their sister restaurant Blackbird. He also opened Inevitable Table, a personal chef and grocery shopping service; it was under the umbrella of IT that Mr. Kass previously cooked for The Obamas. His site emphasizes an interest in local and sustainably sourced foods (there's no mention of organics on the sample menus, however). A very busy guy, Mr. Kass was also the executive chef at a soup-kitchen/community-center project, Jane Addams Hull House.

Interestingly, Marian Burros, the New York Times writer who recently embarrassed Alice Waters in print, felt the need to mention Ms. Waters again today when she was writing up the Kass story, as if Mr. Kass was hired solely to fulfill Ms. Waters's agenda, rather than to work for the Obamas. Burros has mythologized Alice Waters's approval as the standard by which all things in food should be measured, and it's gone from being boring to worrisome:

Mr. Kassís appointment should please chefs like Alice Waters, who have lobbied the Obamas to set an example for the rest of the country by emphasizing food that is healthy, local and sustainable. It further suggests that a vegetable garden on the White House grounds, another of Ms. Watersís dreams, could be on the horizon.

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Mr Kass
First let"s just say this there is no unnamed Michellin Star restaurant they are all listed in the guide so something is phoney somewhere?

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