Cookie Magazine Closing?

So apparently Cookie Magazine is closing? I can't believe it, I love that mag. Another good one gone. I wonder what will happen to our subscriptions?
The editor of Cookie magazine came and spoke to my company once. She described the mag as "aspirational"... as in, it's for the world that moms dream of having, rather than the world that they're living in right now. Another one bites the dust... I was so sad when they stopped Wondertime, that was my favorite. Seems like they are getting rid of all the more 'unique' parenting mags.
Why are they closing so many good magazines like Cookie?

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I'm bummed. I love Cookie and I do like that it is "fancier" than Parenting, etc. I loved reading about the cool vacations some people take with their kids. I also loved the fashion ideas for moms. Most of the items were very fashionable and perfect for on-the go moms.

I heard that this shake up comes at the conclusion of a review of the troubled publishing company's finances, conducted by McKinsey & Co. Cookie isn't the only title to get the ax: Modern Bride, Elegant Bride and surprisingly, Gourmet will also be closing up shop.

Cookie, founded in 2005, was the go-to resource for modern parents, offering not only high style for kids, but also meaty and interesting stories and essays about the shape and face of the modern family. ParentDish was not immune to its charms: We work with Cookie editors to feature five top product picks from that magazine in our Cookie Dough gallery each week.

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still advertising subscriptions?
I find it troubling that they are still soliciting subscriptions for Cookie on their website, even giving away a free purse for 2 year commitment. I wonder if the unknowing would get their money back or get duped and given a replacement magazine from Conde Nest? Not very straightforward in my opinion.

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Actually, when you click on the 'subscription' link it takes you to other magazine options, there is no option to subscribe to Cookie any more.
Too bad

answered by Guest | 12-21-2009 at 06:12 PM

Lucky or Refund
I got a post card in the mail saying that Cookie will no longer be published. "In its place, we will be sending you Lucky. If you are already a Lucky subscriber, the copies due will be added to your current subscription." Thank goodness it also says that you can call to get a full refund of remaining issues still due on the subscription.

answered by Guest | 12-23-2009 at 07:59 AM

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