Is Kate Upton Fat Now Or Plus Size?

I watch a Kate Upton's picture and I found out she is fat and considered plus size according of what I read. I cannot believe she is a model. It's ok if Kate Upton wants to eat a lot, have a lazy life or she just doesn't want to do exercise, but I think she is a plus size woman and if you ask me, fat, so how can she be modeling? Maybe I'm being mean right now, but I cannot believe that anyone can be a model and even a plus size one.
I don't know if in any website they think like me or not, but do you think that Kate Upton is fat?

asked by Mariah in Internet | 2041 views | 01-09-2013 at 01:10 PM

A lot of websites are talking about Kate Upton being fat or plus size, but I'm not agree with them. In one, they say that fashion is supposed to be aspirational, so no woman should want this lazy and lardy look. They talk about Kate Upton like a confident and pretty woman but they said she dresses really bad according to her weight.
I don't think this website is right. I cannot believe that people think she is fat when she looks just like the rest of us. I know she is maybe a plus size model if you consider the 'normal' fashion standards, but that doesn't mean this is correct. Why we have to aspirate to a skinny little body when we are all different? Why this has to be the fashion 'correct' body? Why we think we can judge that someone can or can't be a 'fashion aspiration' for women?
Maybe for some people Kate Upton is fat, and a plus size model that shouldn't be in the runway, but in my opinion, she has a lot of confidence and she is pretty, so I don't think we have the power to judge her, just because she doesn't have the body she 'must', according to these supposedly right fashion standards.

answered by Aubree | 01-09-2013 at 01:15 PM

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