Net Neutrality: Good or Bad?

Have you seen these commercials against net neutrality? They're hilarious.
The telephone and cable companies have suggested a restructuring of the Internet. What do you think about Net Neutrality, is it good or bad?

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The term “Net Neutrality” (short for Network Neutrality) is referring to the current state of the Internet where no matter who you are and what you are trying to access, all Internet traffic is treated the same.

Net Neutrality has become one of the hottest debates on the Internet, because recent deregulation of the broadband market gave telecommunication companies the “theoretical” freedom to charge content providers different rates for different levels of service on their networks.

The telcos are claiming they haven't been able to depreciate their long-obsolete copper plant. (Yeah. Right. And we're still paying USF taxes, but at least we see it on the bill for what it is now.) IMHO, they're crying in their beer because people are abandoning them for VoIP and cellphones. The argument against net neutrality means more $$$ in their coffers.

The cable companies are claiming the telcos are whoopin' their collective a** because most of them can't offer mobile phones and unified billing (voice, video, data, and cell) like some of the telcos (ATT, Verizon). And you don't think your cable company is overcharging you?

Satellite is no longer telco-return, but it has its advantages and disadvantages: it doesn't work too well in bad weather, modems are expensive, directionality can be an issue if you live in an apartment- or townhouse-farm. That's all I can think of off the top of my head, I haven't researched it much.

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