Two and a Half Men Cancelled in 2011 Why?

"Two and a Half Men" was cancelled for the entire season in 2011. Can somebody tell me why?
Charlie Sheen didn't like this and he cut loose with vicious attacks on his boss, and the producers of Two and a Half Men.

I wonder why they cancelled such a successful show. I check the TV ratings all the time and Two and a Half Men is one of the most watched shows on television right now.

Why was Two and a Half Men cancelled when we're just starting 2011? Is the show coming back next year?

asked by Claire in Television | 2652 views | 02-25-2011 at 04:51 PM

CBS and Warner Bros. Television said they are halting production on the show for the season. The show is not cancelled forever, it's just for one season in 2011.
They did it due to Charlie Sheen's erratic behavior and his public insults of creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre.

Sheen said Chuck Lorre is a “charlatan” and a “turd”.
The actor, who is one of the highest paid on television, will lose his pay during Two and a Half Men’s hiatus.

answered by Fred | 02-25-2011 at 04:52 PM

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