Maksim Gelman Photos?

Maksim Gelman, the man accused of killing four people and attacking five others in Brooklyn and Manhattan is now in police custody.

Maksim Gelman, who is known to authorities mostly as a graffiti artist, was arrested aboard a northbound train in Manhattan around 9 a.m.

Madman Maksim Gelman's violent rampage spanned nearly 28 hours and two boroughs.

Are there pictures of this man? Why did he do it?

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Maksim Gelman stabbing rampage took the lives of his stepfather, his ex-girlfriend and her mother.

Gelman stabbed his stepfather several times at about 5 a.m. in an argument over his mother's car.

He then drove to the house where he lived with his girlfriend, and stabbed her and her mother.

Early Saturday morning, a subway rider recognized Maksim Gelman on the No. 3 subway train near Times Square, and alerted authorities. He then got arrested.
These are photos of Maksim Gelman's arrest.

Maksim Gelman

Maksim Gelman-2

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