South Africa's Hendrik Coetzee Photo?

Two Americans being guided by South African Hendrik Coetzee on a trip could only watch in horror how a crocodile snatched him from behind and killed him. They paddled unharmed to safety after the crocodile attack on the Lukuga River in Congo.

I can't imagine how horrible must have been to be in that situation, watching your friend being killed by a wild crocodile.

The three men, all experienced kayakers, were part of a mission to document unexplored whitewater and development projects in the region.

Friends have come together to speak of Hendrik Coetzee, calling him “the bravest guy” who had a “fantastic social conscience.”
Hendrik Coetzee used to keep a blog, does anyone know the url?

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Hendrik Coetzee used to run a blog and he updated it frequently, the blog is at

In Hendrik Coetzee's most recent entry dated November 26, he wrote: "As I licked my dry lips and carefully checked that my spray deck was on properly, I had the feeling I might be doing something I should not. I pushed through the doubt and when I finally shot out the bottom of the rapid I was happy I did. It was just paranoia after all."

Death by croc is a horrifying thought, but you have to admire Hendrik Coetzee's desire to live every moment of his life.

Coetzee was no stranger to the dangers of Africa's wild rivers. In 2004, he led a stupendously challenging first source to sea descent of the Nile River. The current expedition, with Americans Ben Stookesbury and Chris Korbulic, started at the source of the White Nile before moving onto the Congo.

One of the Americans posted on his blog how Hendrik Coetzee warned them about dangerous hippos.

A photo of Hendrik Coetzee.

South Africa Hendrik Coetzee

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