Condoleezza Rice & Aretha Franklin Music Video?

Former Secretary of State (and classical pianist) Condoleezza Rice joined Aretha Franklin on stage Tuesday night at Philadelphia's Mann Music Center to raise money for urban children in Philadelphia and Detroit as well as awareness for music and the arts.

For an estimated crowd of 8,000, Rice, who is a classically trained pianist, took to the stage and accompanied Franklin while she sang her hit "I Say A Little Prayer" as well as "My Country 'Tis of Thee."

Can anyone please link to the video of Condoleezza Rice & Aretha Franklin's duet?

asked by Job in Politics | 2327 views | 07-28-2010 at 04:01 PM

Both Condoleezza Rice and Aretha Franklin are minister's daughters. But it was their love of music that brought them to the stage. Rice opened the show at the piano with classical music. Then Aretha sang arias and her favorite hits. At the end, they performed I Say a Little Prayer.

The event, in front of 8,000 people in Philadelphia, was for charity. According to USA Today, Franklin remarked: "We do have some things in common, but I am a Democrat forever, let me be very clear about that, alright?"

Condoleezza Rice said 'well, we're all Americans and President Obama is my president as well."

Video of Condoleezza Rice & Aretha Franklin's duet.

Aretha Franklin was surprised to learn that Condoleezza Rice played classical music.

answered by Karen | 07-28-2010 at 04:02 PM

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