Law And Order Cancelled 2010?

"Law & Order" is cancelled? It's the only thing I watch on TV!
After so many years, I guess it started in 1990. It means that now that we are in 2010 Law And Order has been on TV for 20 years.
Why did they cancel Law And Order? It is such a good show.
It is so good that it has lots of spin offs like Law And Order SVU, Law And Order Criminal Intent and others.
The guy who took the decision to cancel Law And Order should definitely reconsider.

Is there a reason for canceling such a good show?

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It is official. The original Law & Order has been cancelled after 20 seasons on the air, wow it truly is the end of an era.

If the show had gone on for another year it would have been the longest running show on television, for prime time that is. However since another year is not happening it will instead be tied with Gunsmoke for that honor.

NBC officials have confirmed that the influential New York-set crime drama will air its last telecast May 24 at 10 p.m.

"The full measure of the collective contributions made by **** Wolf and his 'Law & Order' franchise over the last two decades to the success of NBC and Universal Media Studios cannot be overstated," Jeff Gaspin, chairman of NBC Universal Television Entertainment said in a statement.

NBC said it had ordered a new series - Law & Order: Los Angeles - while it has also renewed Law & Order: Special Victims Unit for another season. Another spinoff, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, starring Jeff Goldblum, is also on air, while Law & Order: UK, debuted on ITV last year.

Audiences for Law & Order have slipped in recent years to around eight million per episode - compared to more than 18 million 2002. Making its debut in 1990, the show has had 456 episodes.

The series premiered on Sept. 13, 1990. It was thought to be unusually raw and authentic in how each episode followed the twists and turns of a case, which often dealt with pressing social issues seldom addressed by TV drama.

It had an unusual structure, too. For the first half-hour, detectives tracked down the bad guy. In the second half, prosecutors hauled the accused into court.

Thousands of people are believed to be employed, albeit many indirectly, by the series and its two spinoffs. The series has been especially important to the many Broadway and Off Broadway actors who make appearances as guest stars.

A senior executive involved in the production of the show, speaking on the condition of anonymity so as not to appear publicly critical of the series, said that while its quality had held up, its ratings in recent years had not.

“There’s no bigger ‘Law & Order’ junkie than I am,” the executive said, “but we’ve been in almost every Upper East Side apartment in New York and explored all those stories.”

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