Fathers Day 2010 Date USA?

Which day is father's day in 2010 in USA? What's the exact date?
Father's day is a different date in some countries.
For example, some dates like mother's day is different in The United States and Australia.
What date is father's day in USA?

asked by Dylan in Holidays | 7423 views | 05-09-2010 at 05:05 PM

In the UK, America (United States, USA) and Canada, the date of Fathers' Day 2010 is:

Sunday June 20.

In Australia and New Zealand, the date of Father's Day 2010 is:

Sunday September 5.

This year I want to get my dad a fathers' day present, but i really don't know what to get him...

answered by Thesa | 05-09-2010 at 05:17 PM

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