New Tiger Woods Commercial Nike Ad Video?

Nike is apparently the only major sponsor still in Tiger Woods's corner and they decided to make a new commercial. Did you see the Nike ad?
I was looking for the video of the commercial since at work everyone talked about how lame the new Nike ad is and how Tiger Woods did an awful job in it.

I did not watch the video ad yet but I was told it is a black-and- white spot that includes Tiger Woods staring straight into the camera, while the voice of his father, Earl Woods, who died in 2006, plays in the background.

Is this really Nike's latest commercial?
Anyway, any links to the Nike video maybe in youtube?

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Nike has released a new Tiger Woods ad on the eve of the Masters, which will mark Tiger's return to the sport following revelations of his sordid life.

In the ad, which aired Wednesday night on ESPN in advance of Woods's golf return at the PGA Masters tournament Thursday afternoon, the athlete is silent.
Like you said, the commercial consists of black-and-white footage of Tiger Woods, accompanied a voice recording from his father, who died in 2006. Earl Woods says:

Tiger, I am more prone to be inquisitive, to promote discussion. I want to find out what your thinking was. I want to find out what your feelings are. And did you learn anything.

The commercial is unremarkable, but whatís got everyone talking is the voice over that accompanies the footage.
The Woods Nike commercial is a bit weird. Invoking a dead parent as a way to build support and foster good will can easily be seen as dirty pool, especially when itís being used for an advertisement.

Words popping up to describe the ad include "strange," "creepy," "sad," "bizarre" and "uncomfortable." But ad expert Donny Deutsch raved about it this morning on Today, calling it "brilliant."

The commercial has been has been hailed as a brilliant marketing strategy by some, while others say the ad is in poor taste.
There's also a feeling--shared here--that the spot insults our intelligence. I mean, if you're truly trying to be repentant and change, wouldn't you do it more quietly? Not in front of millions of TV viewers, using your dead father's voiceover in a commercial peddling your product.

If Woods is feeling real, true shame -- not regret that he got caught, not regret that his golf game has suffered, but real sorrow over what he's done to his family -- then he might be able to fix the mess he's made of his life. But this new Nike ad was a mistake.

Youtube video of the new Tiger Woods Nike ad.

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