Scientology and Aliens?

I would like to ask this with all due respect. Is it true that people who believe in Scientology think that we were once ruled by some big alien god? So strange.

asked by Mark in Religion | 2894 views | 09-16-2009 at 04:24 PM

Scientology is a cult. They use celebrities to pull in the spiritually under fed person at the bottom of society. They take money off you to improve your self esteem. Most scientologists are never really told all their 'truths' anyway as they are not seen worthy enough.

Scientologists ACTUALLY believe the evil alien ruler Xenu killed a lot of aliens (Thetans) from around the universe by bringing them to earth & blowing them up inside volcanoes. They believe the souls of these aliens (these souls are "Body Thetans") have attached themselves to us & cause many of our mental & physical ills. Members who know about Xenu will attempt to deny it or pretend like it doesnít matter. They are required to sign a contract binding them to silence on the matter. Lower level members donít know about Xenu & accordingly deny everything because they honestly donít know.

Weird cult if you ask me.

answered by Adrainne | 09-16-2009 at 04:25 PM

Itís no different than believing a man built a giant ark to store two of every creature in the world (Christians), or that the sun moves slowly because it was beaten by a man who thought it moved too fast (NZ Maori).

It is important to note that true Catholics or Christians canít believe in dinosaurs because evolution contradicts the bible. Man was created by god within the first 7 days of the creation of the world therefore there certainly was not creature allowed before that...

Also worth noting that Christians believe that non believers go to hell... even though most Christians think they believe in dinosaurs (I think there just simple minded people that donít actually understand what they think Ė or donít think).

Scientologists have a few ridiculous ideas just like every other religious nut however if you avoid the media portrait and read a few books you will find the religion is more about personal and spiritual exploration and developing yourself and your mind Ė closer to Buddhism than one of the oenological religions (one that believes in a single being at the top to the tree).

They all make interesting reading but there all the same - bunch of people trying to understand what they have no answer for.

oh - to answer your quesitons. Some scientologists will beleive that bollocks however like Cristians - most dont actually beleive or know their own religion.

answered by Guest | 10-27-2009 at 06:00 AM

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