Aumsville Oregon Tornado Pictures?

A tornado wracked the small town of Aumsville, Oregon at 11:40 a.m. The tornado tore the roofs off many buildings in Aumsville, but luckily the damage was confined to a fairly small region in town, with some damage still being assessed in rural areas just outside town.

Authorities were urging people to stay clear of the area so they could continue to assess the full extent of the damage around the town of 3,000 just east of Salem.

Tornadoes are so rare in Oregon, they're not mentioned in the state Insurance Division's tipsheet on coping with storm damage.

This picture was taken after the tornado in Aumsville Oregon, I'm looking for more pictures, where can I find them?

Aumsville Oregon Tornado

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Damage to buildings in Aumsville is extensive. Residents had reported seeing a 'swirling' pattern from what experts say was indeed a tornado. It was a small event compared to what takes place in the Midwest.

Pictures sent to local news stations show homes missing roofs, huge trees uprooted and downed power lines.

The central part of town saw the heaviest damage. In a neighborhood, six families were displaced in the storm and required temporary housing.

The Main Street area of Aumsville is filled with debris, insulation, bits of trees and roofing paper.
Pacific Power reports approximately 2,395 customers are without power.
This video shows footage of Aumsville Oregon after the tornado.

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