Brilliance of The Seas Cruise Ship in Storm Video?

Brilliance of The Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship carrying about 1,000 Americans was jolted by high seas storms in the Mediterranean over the weekend, causing some damage and minor injuries onboard.

Dozens of Brilliance of The Seas cruise ship passengers were hurt when the ship was battered by an intense storm which caused it to rock dangerously from side to side.

I'm currently looking for the video of the Brilliance of The Seas accident, does anyone know where can I find it? Did the people inside of the Brilliance of The Seas were able to take a video of the incident?

Passengers awoke in the morning to find debris everywhere and the cruise ship's 20-foot Christmas tree on its side.
How is it possible that a modern ship with all the sophisticated radar and weather gear can be caught by a surprise storm?

asked by Quentin in Weather | 4713 views | 12-13-2010 at 10:32 PM

Royal Caribbean said the reported rocking that occurred on the 2,100-passenger Brilliance of the Seas was a "serious incident" and they continue to assess what happened. The cruise ship was approaching Alexandria, Egypt, at the time.

Large waves and heavy winds caused the ship to list several times, injuring about 30 passengers and damaging some of the vessel's public spaces.

The ship was rocked by 70-knot winds early Sunday morning. The winds were nearly twice as strong as forecasted, Royal Caribbean said in a statement.

Passengers were thrown back and forth as the cruise ship lost its balance on fierce waves. Royal Caribbean says the ship sustained some damage to public areas during the incident, but nothing that would affect the vessel's sea-worthiness. Here's a video of the accident.

answered by Arthur | 12-13-2010 at 10:33 PM

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