Is Boeing a Good Investment?

Boeing has taken a new approach to building airplanes with the 787, relying on suppliers around the world to build huge sections of the plane. But that approach so far has proved problematic, with ill-fitting parts and other problems hampering production.
From an investment point of view, do you think Boeing is a good investment?
Should i invest in boeing aircraft?

asked by Erick in Investing | 3000 views | 12-15-2009 at 08:47 PM

Boeing buys the planes and leases them to airlines. It is a good investment with steady income.

If you mean should you invest in Boeing stock? That's a different question.

The Boeing Company has been one of the leading names in commercial flight and aerospace engineering, supplying thousands of the familiar 7X7 full-sized aircraft to airlines throughout the world. With respect to prospective creditors and investors, an analysis of different
financial ratios leads to the following conclusions. For prospective creditors, short-term risks are too high, indicating a low likelihood of being paid back by Boeing. The same is also true for long-term creditors: it is predicted that Boeing will not be a good investment. No, it is not recommended to invest as either a short-term or long-term creditor.

I could be wrong though.

answered by Minerva | 12-15-2009 at 08:51 PM

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