Schottenfeld Group Trading?

Federal prosecutors will announce criminal charges against 14 more traders, lawyers and other Wall Street executives at noon in connection with an ongoing insider trading investigation.
There are 14 individuals accused of insider trading from the hedge fund Galleon Capital, Incremental Capital and Schottenfeld Group.
So the guys at Schottenfeld Group were doing some insider trading? I used to work there, do we know who these guys are yet?

asked by Gerald in Investing | 3554 views | 11-05-2009 at 04:51 PM

The FBI today has taken seven people into custody.

A complaint filed today alleges that Zvi Goffer, a former employee of both Galleon and Schottenfeld Group Capital, and at least six other defendants engaged in insider trading connected with the 2007 acquisition of Avaya by Silver Lake and TPG, which were advised by Roped & Gray, which also advised Bain Capital in its 2007 bid for 3Com. The complaint also alleges insider trading in acquisitions of Kronos and Hilton Hotels.

Goffer worked at Schottenfeld from throughout 2007, and then moved to Galleon, where we worked until August 2008; he also started the trading firm Incremental Capital in 2008.

Other defendants charged today:

* Arthur Cutillo, an attorney with Ropes & Gray.
* Jason Goldfarb, an attorney in New York.
* Craig Drimal, who is described as someone who worked in Galleon’s offices, but was not employed at the firm.
* Emanuel Goffer, a former employee of Spectrum Capital, now associated with Incremental Capital.
* Michael Kimelman, who is associated with Incremental Capital.
* David Plate, a former Schottenfeld employee now associated with Incremental Capital.
* Someone identified only as “CS-1.”

answered by Robert | 11-05-2009 at 04:53 PM

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