Tokyo Sandblaster Meaning: What Is It?

What is a Tokyo sandblaster? I'm looking for the meaning of the phrase "Tokyo Sandblaster."
Conan mentioned it on his new show in TBS.
I was caught off guard, I have no idea what Tokyo Sandblaster means but I can predict is something really nasty.
My brother says it is when you let out some gas on your partnerís face but I believe is something more vulgar.
Does anyone know the meaning of Tokyo Sandblaster?

asked by November in Television | 3196 views | 11-10-2010 at 06:04 PM

Since Conan O'Brien has a public forum again, he can now use terms like this for comedy, and for education. Of course, there are many who likely don't want to be educated like this, as the actual act isn't meant to be funny.

There are many definitions for Tokyo Sandblaster. One of the meanings is having intercourse on the beach and then having ones sack stuck on the girls face, then throwing sand on her.

Another meaning for Tokyo Sandblaster:

When one person has diarrhea, they get close to their partner's face. Letting it rip effectively blasts the partner and causes them to squint, appearing to have Asian features in his or her face. The man must have a beard similar to Conan's for this to take place effectively upon the butt cheeks and his face.

answered by Cricket | 11-10-2010 at 06:05 PM

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