Is Jones Soda Good & Healthy?

The company that makes Jones Soda announced that the drink will be having new ingredients and a brand new packaging to enhance its popularity.
How healthy or unhealthy is Jones Soda? Is it good for your body?
I know Jones Soda has a diffent kind of suggar in it. But is the sugar in Jones Soda better for you or worse than the regular one?

asked by Meme in Diet & Fitness | 4575 views | 09-23-2010 at 02:01 PM

Just as any soda, too much Jones Soda can be harmful.. So as long as you drink in moderation it should be OK.
You get the same amount of calories in Jones Soda as you do in Coke and Pepsi, the difference is the refined sugar content. Jones Soda has 2 to 3 times as much refined sugar.
That doesn't mean is healthy, it's still a soda and if you drink too much it will be bad for your body.

A quote from the Jones Soda website:

"You may have seen that our 12-ounce cans of soda are now made with pure cane sugar, and by mid-2007 all of your favorite Jones products will be available with real sugar."

answered by Bailey | 09-23-2010 at 02:02 PM

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