Vornado Soleaire Personal Foot Heater Review?

So the winter is near and it will be freakiní cold this season. Today's woot offer is a Vornado Soleaire Personal Foot Heater and it looks promising.
The Vornado Soleaire Personal Foot Heater is an electrical foot warmer that heats your feet and then continues to send heat upwards your body.
Any reviews of the product?

asked by Adero in Other - Electronics | 3060 views | 11-05-2009 at 03:31 PM

Get it, it's a good deal.

- Electric foot warmer transfers heat directly from your feet and then upwards through your entire body
- Includes a fan function that allows you to stay cool and use the unit year-round
- Ergonomic design that fits under a desk or chair
- Surface bumps on the tops and sides of the heater provide passive foot massage and promotes better posture
- Full function foot operated controls, rocker switch controls are simple and easy to operate
- Low-wattage consumption reduces circuit overloads
- Automatic shut off after 4 hours
- Internal over-temperature thermal breaker with a fail-safe back-up fuse
- This product has earned the ETL Listing Mark

answered by Mike | 11-05-2009 at 03:34 PM

Review from Amazon:

"If I had rated this when it first arrived, it would have been a three star item. After having warm feet for a while, four stars seems reasonable as there really is only one negative to the Vornado SoleAire. That negative - the fan in the heater is much louder than it needs to be. My computer sits on top of the desk (away from dust bunnies) and is MUCH quieter than the SoleAire sitting under the desk despite the computer having 6 fans and multiple hard drives running all the time. If Vornado had chosen a slightly larger, slower running blower fan, the SoleAire could have been very nearly silent. At least the noise from their smaller, faster fan is white noise instead of mechanical racket.

I've not used the SoleAire on the fan only mode since it's still chilly but if you are not warm enough sitting at your desk, you should give this product a try (especially if you can get it for half price - that's where it really shines)."

answered by Andrea | 11-05-2009 at 03:35 PM

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