Is Valentine's Day a Real National And Federal Holiday?

Do you know if Valentine's Day is a national and federal holiday? Because I would like to go out with my girlfriend and have a nice dinner together. I work all day and I'm really tired at night so if this is a national and federal holiday and we have a day off, it would be great. I like to celebrate Valentine's day, especially with my girl, and this time it's on Thursday so I hope we will have time to spend a beautiful day together. Is Valentine's Day a national and federal holiday?

asked by Curtis in Holidays | 4471 views | 01-22-2013 at 02:23 PM

Valentine's Day is not a national and federal holiday so you won't get a day off. It's a celebration of love and romance, including the exchange of cards, candy, flowers and gifts. Valentine's Day is considered a traditional and informal holiday so the businesses don't observe this day as a national or federal holiday. I know it's nice to celebrate it the same day, but you can make a reservation for some other time, because I'm sure you are not the only one with this problem. I love Valentine's Day but not a national or federal holiday, so sometimes it can be a little hard to make plans when it's not on Saturday or Friday.

answered by Elsie | 01-22-2013 at 02:25 PM

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