Chinese Stealth J-20 Fighter Pictures?

The first clear pictures of what appears to be a Chinese stealth fighter prototype have been published online. The machine looks like a J-20 fighter.

The pictures support claims China's military aviation program is advancing faster than expected.

The publication of the photos comes just days before Defense Secretary Robert Gates is due to travel to Beijing.

Who did originally leak the pictures of the Chinese Stealth J-20 Fighter? Do you consider it a threat by the Chinese government?

asked by Drake in Aircraft | 4280 views | 01-05-2011 at 04:43 PM

It is clear the Chinese government is working on a Stealth Fighter Jet, known as the J-20. There are pictures of the J-20 appearing online everywhere.

A top Naval Intelligence officer said today the U.S. has underestimated the pace of China’s development of some cutting edge weapons like the Stealth J-20 Fighter, but China still lags in its ability to effectively deploy and use sophisticated systems.

Military analysts say that pictures of the new jet on the tarmac at an airfield near Chengdu, have been appearing on blogs since mid-December.

The exact origin of the photos is unclear, they appear to have been taken by Chinese enthusiasts from the grounds of or around the Chengdu Aircraft Design Institute in western China.

Chinese Stealth J-20 Fighter

China Stealth J-20 Fighter

answered by Theodore | 01-05-2011 at 04:45 PM

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