Kevin Pearce Injury: Kevin Accident Update?

Kevin Pearce is a snowboarder who was a favorite for the Olympics. Unfortunately on December 31 he had an accident, he crashed and that caused a head injury, I remember CNN reporting Kevin Pearce was in pretty bad condition, he almost died.

What is the latest update about Kevin Pearce's health? How is he doing now? Is he better from the injury?

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The latest update is that Kevin Pearce continues to make progress after the crash that almost took his life.
He suffered a traumatic brain injury while practicing a new trick in Utah.

In a statement, one of his doctors, Holly Ledyard, said that Pearce, “is able to walk and do many daily activities with some assistance.”

The doctors said that his injury resulted into Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and his physical, emotional & psychological recovery will take longtime to recover.

Pearce's parents, Simon and Pia Pearce, are thankful for all the help and support they and their son have received.

Kevin Pearce has now been shifted to Craig Hospital – which is a leading rehabilitation center for spinal-cord or traumatic brain injuries – in Englewood, Colorado.

answered by Leo | 02-23-2010 at 01:15 PM

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