Can Twitter Get You Fired?

I've seen a few news reports in the newspaper were people have got into trouble for their Twitter updates.
Is it possible that you can get fired for twitting?
I suppose if your boss reads one of your tweets where you say something like: my boss sucks you will get in trouble.

asked by Rose in Internet | 3173 views | 07-09-2009 at 07:22 PM

Yes, I suppose you can get fired if you write something inappropriate in one of your Twitter updates.
For example, a tweet by one would-be Cisco employee made him lose the job.

I think anything you write in the Internet can get you in trouble if people know who you are.
A personal blog can bring you some problems or even your Facebook account.
The big difference between blogging and websites like Twitter or FB is the time it takes you to publish your updates. Tweets can be posted in a second and because of that, you're more likely to say just about anything you want.

answered by Nany | 07-09-2009 at 07:30 PM

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