Seven Deadly Sins in The Bible?

The seven deadly sins are a list originally used in early Christian teachings and the bible to educate followers concerning fallen man's tendency to sin.
Are the "Seven Deadly Sins" as potent today as they were a millenium ago? Are the 7 Deadly Sins listed/named as "deadly" in the Bible? If so, where?
I read the bible and never read the word deadly.

asked by Denise in Religion | 3539 views | 01-02-2010 at 08:44 PM

Well, I would say that these "sins" early Jews and Christians proselytized through their religion are every bit as relevant today as they were then. The truth is that ALL SINS are forgiven completely, when the person believes in Jesus alone for salvation.
I'm not sure they're mentioned together in any one place in the Bible, but I do know that all sins fit into one of the categories.

But the truth is that the seven deadly sins were created by a guy. It's not really biblical. He just started watching what drove people to ungodlike behavior and labeled them as deadly sins. It was accepted into church doctrine at some point, but the sins are not from god.

answered by Sasha | 01-02-2010 at 08:47 PM

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