Mashed Potatoes Recipe Without Cream?

Can you make tasty mashed potatoes without cream?
I forgot to buy cream. I have milk, though, and eggs.... is there a way to make yummy mashed potatoes without the cream?
all the recieps i have need sour cream. Someone please direct me to/post a recipe, i need to start making it within an hour.

asked by Devon in Cooking & Recipes | 7996 views | 11-26-2009 at 08:26 PM

Personally, I prefer my potatoes without the milk. I boil them, butter them, smash them, add salt and pepper(and parsley flakes if desired), and devour them! To me, adding milk takes away the potato taste, which I prefer.

Yes. If you have evaporated milk use that. If not regular milk is just fine.

Here are somme tips on mashed potatoes:

Mashed Potato Tips:
1. Start with russets, Idaho etc.. Just a plain basic potato, no need for red potatoes, or Yukon golds etc… Just stay with the classics here.
2. Don't over boil the potatos the way to tell when they are done is just when a fork can be poked all the way thru a potato with out any force.
3. Drain well or you will have a thin watery mashed potato.
4. When you emtpy your potatos back into the bowl to mash, weather you hand mash or use a mixer just mash the potatos and seasonings without the butter and milk first. Then when you get the consistentcy you want add some milk and butter and stir/fold it in. Potatos can sometimes get a glue like consistentcy due to the starch, mixing them "dry" frist helps to prevent that.

answered by Aileen | 11-26-2009 at 08:28 PM

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