Tornado in Salem Oregon Video?

A tornado touched down near the town of Aumsville in Salem Oregon shortly before noon, uprooting trees, damaging houses and bringing down power lines.

There wasn't an official warning from the National Weather Service before the sky turned a beastly shade of dark in Salem. Just a hard rain, hail and, finally, the big tornado.

Witnesses report the Aumsville tornado caused heavy damage to some buildings and say people were trapped in their cars.

Is there a video of the Oregon tornado? What is the extent of damage left in Salem, Oregon from the tornado?

asked by Melany in Weather | 3041 views | 12-15-2010 at 05:39 AM

No serious injuries were reported after the tornado blasted through parts of Aumsville, Salem on Tuesday morning.

There is a cell phone video that appears to show the tornado. A delivery driver shot the video while he was driving along Highway 22 about three to four miles outside of Aumsville.

National Weather Service forecasters are skilled enough to provide advance warnings for about 75 percent of tornadoes. But they weren't skilled enough to warn people in Aumsville, Oregon on Tuesday.

Oregon Officials say severe weather in the area brought down multiple poles and wires, and caused the loss of a 69-kilovolt transmission line serving the area. Utility crews are assessing the damages and are working to rebuild the system, but canít say when it could be fixed.

Here's a video of the tornado in Aumsville, Salem.

answered by Kinsley | 12-15-2010 at 05:43 AM

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